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PINTEREST is an untapped market. While everyone is fighting over Facebook space, you need to get on Pinterest and use it for your business.

Tript & Prabh Johal
Tript & Prabh Johal
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Hi! We are Tript & Prabh and YES we are sisters! We help creative entrepreneurs take the next step in their online business to become profitable and reach a wider audience while not compromising their creativity on the way.

We are dedicated to help you, fellow creative, take that next step online, to reach your potential audience and to turn that audience into customers.

Combined we have tremendous amount of experience in Social Media, Communications and Marketing. We have had 3 blogs, 1 Etsy Shop and have worked with many small business owners. And most importantly, we both are CREATIVES at heart!

We have a passion for teaching - so let us teach you how to leverage your online presence to grow your business online via social media, blogging, and small business strategies


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